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Kumawood Awards (KAFF) postponed again to January 23rd

Kumawood Multimedia and Adom Tv, organizers of Kumawood Akoben Film Festival (KAFF) has postponed it's upcoming awards again from 16th January 2016 to 23rd January 2016. The awards ceremony was earlier on postponed from 27th December to 16th January 2016 because "the manufacturer of the KAFF Awards trophies in Dubai despondently made unbearable mistakes”

"We want to have time for more publicity and also make ready all the documents that will enable  top winners travel outside the country.The date for the awards ceremony is now 23rd January 2016 and it starts at 7pm" - CEO of Kumawood Multimedia, Samuel Kwabena Darko
The Kumawood Awards trophies which were promised by manufacturers in Dubai have arrived in the country.