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About us

KUMAWOOD Film Festival & Akoben Movie Awards is a conscious event which provides ample platform for existing film makers, new entrants, friend and lovers of Ghanaian movies in Diaspora to interact and find a promising means to improving works which represents Ghana.  A five (5) day none stop film screening and exhibition of indigenous movies climaxing with an award night.

KFF Award will recognize and reward the hard work of pioneering stakeholders from our marketing position and down to all crew elements; living or dead, and  have contributed in their little ways in developing the Indigenous Film Industry (KUMAWOOD).


KFF Award  2012 is open to indigenous films which promotes the rich cultural heritage of the Ghanaian people and produced by Ghanaians, Ghanaian descendants and friends of Ghana in Diaspora (in and outside Ghana). Film must be in any of our Ghanaian languages be they Action, Fiction, Romance, Cultural, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Scientific and shot in all formats. Submission is free.


The Kumasi Film Industry (KUMAWOOD) has gradually progressed from the usual unjustifiable criticism to become a house hold name amongst the young and the old, formal and informal, big and small and therefore needs to be rewarded and appreciated for its pursuit for excellence. Therefore our objectives are thus:
  • To put the Local dialect Film Industry into the spotlight of world event.
  • To open a more distributing link between producers, marketers and the general public.
  • To bring about togetherness in Kumasi Film Industry and other Local dialect (KUMAWOOD).
  • To promote the rich cultural heritage of the Ashanti’s/Akan to the outside world through film.
  • To celebrate and reward excellence.


Encourage the use of excellent audio visual (film) in promoting the wealthy cultural heritage of the  indigenous Ghanain tradition and heritage. Celebrating our own who has contributed to the movie industry. The award which is also named  Akoben movie awards seeks to trumpet the  rich Ashanti culture using the film.Akoben, a wind of instrument  made from the horn of an antelope was used in ancient times as  a horn to  signal warriors to war. This instrument which represents strength also symbolizes the strength and resilience of the  indigenous Ghanaian film industry.

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